Factory Bike Friday: Alex Martin’s CycleTrader.com/River Rock Yamaha YZ250F

Mechanic: Scott Rabon

The new Yamaha’s are definitely fast, considering all the holeshots Justin Barcia has been getting in the 450 class, and the Star Racing Team in the 250 class. Alex Martin, Justin’s brother, who rides for Cycletrader.com/Rock River/Yamaha, has picked it up this year, as well, so in Millville we spoke with his mechanic Scott Rabon about the modifications to Alex’s bike.

Q: Start off telling us about the suspension.

A: Well, for suspension we run Enzo. It's the air kit. The rear shock has just been coated. As far as the triple clamps we're sponsored by X-Trig so we run X-Trig clamps at 20mm offset.

Q: Does the coating on the rear shock help with heat?

A: Yeah, and it helps with stiction. Other than that basically Alex has his own setup as far as his suspension, as far as how he likes it dialed in. Since he's short he likes to push the forks up in the tube a little bit higher than normal guys, and run the 20mm offset. He likes that because it turns sharper for him. As far as the motor, it's actually a Yamaha works motor that we get from the factory. It's got GED ignition. I don't really know much about what the package is, but it's what they do, and it's very fast.

We have an FMF exhaust, and we use A60 rims, plus stock hubs that we had coated.

Q: Those footpegs look pretty wicked.

A: Those are new Raptors and they're 15mm taller. He also likes running the ODI McGrath bars with the medium grips. We got a GUTS seat cover. Cycra fenders, side panels. Cycra skid plate, Cyrra disc guard. Works Connection launch button. But that's basically that's it.

Q: Do you guys do anything for the heat?

A: No, we just run Pro 6 HT so if it does get too hot the fuel won't boil. That's all we do.

Q: Is Alex picky about anything? How is he to work with?

A: Yes, he's a little picky with some things but I don't blame him. He likes his levers and his brake pedal at a certain height. He likes the sag at a certain height. He doesn't like it to feel stink bugged. He's a little picky but I guess all riders are. They have to be.