EVS Sports Introduces R4K Race Collar

The lightest collar available

EVS Sports, the industry leader in motocross and street bike protective gear, has released their new R4K Race Collar, the lightest collar available in the market today.

EVS Sport R4K Motocross Race Collar
The R4K Race Collar from EVS comes in either white with green accents or black with red accents for $199.00.Photo Courtesy of EVS Sport

EVS Sports is proud to announce that the heavily anticipated R4K Race Collar is now available through their website or from your local EVS Sports dealer. The R4K is the first neck protection of its kind and features a Koroyd engineered core to reduce weight while maintaining its energy absorption properties. The entire chassis has been redesigned to make the brace lighter and more aerodynamic.

One of the main differences between the EVS line of race collars and the competition is the way in which energy is absorbed and dispersed in the event of a crash. The R4K Race Collar effectively fills the gap between the rider's helmet and shoulders with Koroyd which absorbs energy from an impact better than standard collar material. This energy is then dispersed across the shoulders, rather than down the spine like many of the other race collars on the market today.

EVS Sport R4K Motocross Race Collar
The R4K features a Koroyd engineered core that makes the collar lightweight and strong on performance.Photo Courtesy of EVS Sports

When asked about the new R4K Race Collar, EVS Sports Brand Manager Jon Frankel had this to say, "We are extremely excited to bring the new R4K to market. Years of research, experience and testing have gone into creating the R4K with the goal of providing riders with superior protection from a collar that is so light you almost forget you are wearing it."

Watch the product demo video here: