Destry Abbott's 2016 Update

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Take a look at the 2016 September update from Destry Abbott where he fills you in on his recent endeavors such as attending the WORCS race,his Arizona fundraiser, video projects, gear, and more.

Destry Abbott and Family at WORCS
My family and I at the WORCS race supporting Cooper and the other DA8 Athletes earlier this year!Courtesy of Destry Abbott

It's been a little while since I've been able to send anything out and wanted to give everyone a quick update! As most of you know our lives have definitely changed and we honestly can't thank everyone enough for the love and support over these past four months. This journey has been a lot harder then I ever expected. Two weeks ago we received more devastating news that my wife (Charlotte) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which has also moved into her lymph nodes too. She has already had her first treatment and will also have to have surgery in four months for a few different procedures. After the surgeries she will have to have a treatment every week for a year. Luckily we're home right now and I get to spend time with the family. One of the hardest parts for us is feeling so weak and sick a lot of times. I wish I could say I have more good days than bad, but I would be lying. I'm down 30-pounds and it's a struggle to eat sometimes (even ice cream:)! I'm am finally through the halfway point right now in my treatments and if everything is going as planned I will go to a maintenance program in December, which would be really nice! If things aren't looking as well, Charlotte and I would have to move back to Houston for four months for me to get my bone marrow transplant. No matter what, we're doing our absolute best to keep moving forward! This has been an emotional rollercoaster and you guys have definitely helped me stay positive! THANK YOU!!!

Road2recovery raffle for Destry Abbott
Here's the 500 that was raffled off with the help of Road2recovery. This was a huge help for us and it was awesome to see it go to a great family too! Pictured Boyd, Nancy, Cooper, Kelsey, and Amber.Photo Courtesy of Destry Abbott

I was so overwhelmed by the amount of support I've had during these tough times. We had a huge group of people here in AZ that put on a fundraiser out at out local track while I was in the hospital (Canyon MX). So many great people in our industry stepped up plus a lot of amazing family and friends. It was a huge turnout with a lot of people having a great time!!!

Arizona fundraiser for Destry Abbott
Had an amazing turnout for the AZ Fundraiser!Photo Courtesy of Destry Abbott

Charlotte and I have both been pretty aggressive with our treatments and I actually have to go back to Houston, TX to get treated every month while Charlotte has her treatment done here in AZ. We both know this isn't easy and very emotional at times but I have the best family I could ask for!!! Kelsey who has been working out in California at KTM the last year moved back to AZ to help run our DA8 Brand. Then Cooper, who had to put a lot on his plate has been unbelievable! Can't forget about all of our amazing friends and fans too!!! The one great news that I received from my doctors is the fact that I can trail ride when my levels are good. I don't think they understand what trail riding is for me and it's going to be tough to not want to hold that throttle wide-open again.

I'm not one that's good at asking for help and it's not easy for me to do so at all! Since Char and I are both fighting this horrible disease we've had some great people step-up and help us financially. Our income has been coming from my riding schools, DA8 Camps, and people renting our apartment at the house during training sessions. That has all came to a stop for a while. It's not a must but if you want to support us you can buy our DA8 casual wear or donate at

On another note, I'm really excited about what's in the works for 2017!!! There's some really cool things that I will be part of and I'm really excited to announce that here soon! Big things coming!

Destry and Cooper Abbott
So proud of my best friend and son this year! Cooper made the last Endurocross Pro main and has really stepped up. He's one of the youngest ones out there and I'm excited to see his hard work paying off!Photo Courtesy of Destry Abbott

It's been an awesome and super busy year before all of this went down. I was insanely busy with my DA8 Athletes training them on and off the bike. I was also working on some PR stuff for Kawasaki with a couple of magazines. Make sure you check out some of the videos plus magazine articles that will be out soon!

I've worked on a couple PR projects this year and here's a really cool video Dirt Bike Magazine did. Plus the KX500 got a cover shot too. Watch the video below.

Here's an amazing and emotional video Bryson Steele edited for us...

Destry Abbott Catalyst Pain Solution commercial
Shooting another Catalyst Pain Solution commercial was pretty awesome and it turned out great. Watch the video here.Photo Courtesy of Destry Abbott

Catalyst Pain Solution (used to be AZ Pain Centers) is a huge part of my success over the years and they have definitely kept me feeling young. I attached their link and the :30 commercial that plays throughout Arizona all the time. I was actually watching the football game this past weekend during prime time and was pumped to see my commercial play during the Michigan State / Notre Dame game (NBC).

Destry Abbott Endurocross section
We sold out of our 510-DA8 tickets we purchased from Endurocross for this weekend's race in AZ!Image Courtesy of Destry Abbott

The Endurocross Series is in Phoenix this weekend and, of course, we will have a lot of our DA8 Athletes there racing! We'll also have our DA8 rig set-up in the pits plus an area in the stadium with my bike and mannequin on display for the gym, riding schools, and online training. We've sold over 500-tickets just out of our gym and each person received a free DA8 Strong t-shirt and some other fun goodies that our sponsors helped out with. This is going to be a wild section of 500 fans!!! Can't wait to watch it!

Destry Abbott DA8 Apparel
Just some of our DA8 Apparel we offer! There's even bigger things in the works and you'll want to stay updated on our DA8 Facebook and Instagram page.Image Courtesy of Destry Abbott

As most of you know, we've had our DA8 Gym open for a little over two years now and it's awesome to see how far it has come. We have so many amazing people like our DA8 athletes and also our DA8 Family in our group classes! If you're not in AZ near DA8 Training Facility we also offer a great online program that is designed towards each individual along with more affordable 6 week basic programs!

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