World Record Motorcycle Altitude Attempt: Andes Moto Extreme chooses KLIM

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Why would you want to ride your Husaberg FE570 motorcycle to 20,500 vertical feet? Because it'd break a world record, of course!

That's exactly what the trio of Walter Colebatch (UK), Lukas Matzinger (AUSTRIA) and Barton Churchill (USA) plan on doing this march! These three will attempt to reach new heights, literally, with their two-wheeled machines as they scratch and crawl their way up Ojos del Salado in South America. Why South America? The group explains.

"While the Andes are not as high as the Himalaya, that additional height is pretty much a moot point, since no-one is riding high enough to challenge the summits of the Andes, let alone the Himalaya. And the Andes have one huge advantage … the slopes of the mountains are often less steep.

"The clincher for us was studying the assorted videos and stories of the last two world records for cars. Both drives were in 2007, both were over 400 metres higher than any bike has ever gone, and one of the drives was in a near stock Jeep Wrangler. Importantly, both drives were on one particular mountain … Ojos del Salado … Eyes of Salt."

So, this March,three riders will attempt to ride higher than anyone ever has. And what gear will they be wearing on their journey? KLIM, of course! And not just any KLIM gear, but the newest bad-boy in the lineup: the Badlands Pro Jacket and Pant.

The KLIM Badlands Pro Jacket looks to go higher than any bike/rider ever has this march

"In our opinion this brand new product is probably the most versatile riding kit in the world. The adventure riding clothing market has been dominated by manufacturers who specialise in road riding gear, throwing a few more pockets on a kit and calling it an adventure suit. Most of the stuff has been of limited waterproofness or has become waterproof via the addition of additional waterproof layers. Klim has emerged as a specialist adventure gear manufacturer whose design team is actually made up of adventure riders. Therefore they are the only manufacturer who seems to be able to get the requirements of real adventure riders right. They make well vented all in one waterproof adventure kit. The Badlands Pro is a premium quality adventure suit that is positioned a level or two ABOVE the competition. But not only is it a great adventure suit, it's a great road suit, and it's a rally suit. The built in top drawer D30 armour on shoulders elbows back AND chest, combined with the guaranteed waterproofness of the suit, premium materials throughout, plus its incredible variety of pockets is why the UK's top motorcycle publication, MCN, described it as being the only piece of motorcycle clothing you will ever need. We agree. It's ideal for the altitude attempt and ideal for everything we do afterwards too. And it looks so cool, we will probably wear it on the plane out to Chile!"

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