World Enduro Championships Online Video Updates

If you have witnessed the World of Enduro racing and are suffering from your addiction to enduro racing, then we have a cure for you.

More of it! The people behind the WEC Series have recently released an official YouTube channel featuring many videos from the 2007, 2008, and 2009 racing seasons. Visit the Maxxis FIM WEC Channel at to watch some of the action from the World Enduro Championship Series.

The WEC events last two days and venture through all types of terrain including logs, rocks, mud, and water. They have three or four different types of tests on a lap and have to do each of them twice in a day. Each test is timed and the one with the lowest overall time is the winner. Plus, at the end of day one, they get 15 minutes---yes, 15--to change both tires and do any maintenance on their bike that is necessary...that's it! They're gnarly. The starwars music ending the GP AMV of Spain video makes it even cooler!

If you weren't addicted before, now you will be!