World Championship returns to Great Britain

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This weekend (20-21 August) the FIM Motocross World Championship returns to the UK for the GP of Matterley Basin, Great Britain. For the first time since 2009, the World Championship once again visits British shores for what has been hyped as the biggest event of the year. It represents and opportunity for the in-form Rui Gonçalves to push once more for a podium position. The Portuguese has really found his stride in recent weeks and earned his best overall result of the year at the last round of the championship in Loket, Czech Republic. In a week that has seen PAR Honda's Brad Anderson, crowned 2011 British MX1 Champion, the Grand Prix of Great Britain seems the perfect event to mark the return to the UK for the 2010 British MX1 Champion, Evgeny Bobryshev. Bobryshev won the British title for the CAS Honda team last year before moving up to the official Honda World Motocross team in 2011. Despite only having raced in the domestic series for one season, he still has strong support from the enthusiastic British crowd. We caught up with him to find out how he feels about returning to racing in the UK and to get his thoughts for what lies ahead this weekend at the GP of Great Britain.

So how do you feel about coming back to the UK to race in the British GP?
I really like racing in the UK and I have good memories of Matterley Basin having raced there before in the Motocross of Nations. I don't know if the track will be modified quite a lot from when I last raced there but it is a really good track and I think I can go well there.

You are reining British MX1 Champion; does this still hold fond memories for you?
For sure I had a great year racing in the British Championship and winning the MX1 Championship there was one of the highlights of my career. The level in the British Championship is very high and I learnt a lot from racing there week in week out which I applied to my racing at GP level.

Does the British GP in some ways feel like a home race for you?
You know I am still close to a lot of people in the UK, although I have not been there for a while. Obviously I used to ride for UK based team and spent a lot of time in the country last year. In that year I learnt much about what motocross means in the UK and also about British culture, so in a way it will feel like I am coming home. It will definitely be nice to come back and see the people again.

And the British fans seemed to take to you well last year?
The British fans are very passionate and I have a lot of good support from them. I think it is a positive thing for them that I am doing well in the World Championship and a good advert for the quality of the British Championship as well. At some GPs this season I have seen British flags with my name on them and I like this. I hope they will still remember me.

Ok, well good luck for this weekend.