What is the BMW GS Challenge?

What is the BMW GS Challenge? You're asking the wrong person and I'm competing in the event….
All I know is that I was chosen as one of thee US journalists to accompany three other US BMW riders who went through a selection process. The six of us collectively will compete as a team against teams form Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy and maybe someplace else. Like I said, it seems information is a little scarce here.

So I'm in Milan, Italy right now and I've seen our bikes. We are going to pack all of our stuff (or what will fit) into a provided gearbag and hit the road to a ferry tomorrow. From there we are off to Tunisia and onto the competition which seems a mix between a Camel Trophy event and the TV show Survivor, from what I can gather. A lot of the teams have been training together for over a year in everything from lifting a 500+pound BMW GS out of ditches to building boats out of logs and floating the bikes across rivers. They are providing us with a tent, a sleeping bag and some things like compasses and of course a new GS800, a bike I've never ridden.

So besides getting over jet lag and trying to figure out what I'm going to be doing for the next week-and-a-half, I guess everything is normal…

Yea, and when I know more, I'll fill you in.

If you want to learn more about this, I think the two best places will be:

BMW site: This si the official site

ADV Rider: You'll have to search here, but if anyone has anything, these guys will.

And I'm pretty sure there won't be much in the way of electronic communication from the African Desert, so info might be hard to come by...


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