Travis Pastrana vs. Great Divide Trail

Travis Pastrana and friends take on 39 days of mountain biking.

When the sun broke over the Rocky Mountains this morning, Travis, along with his friends Special Greg and Eric Roner, set out to conquer the "Great Divide Trail."

The 2,493 mile trail begins in Montana and continues South along the Rockies before ending in New Mexico. Pastrana will ditch the familiarity of his motorized vehicles for a full-suspension mountain bike supplied by Giant Bicycles.

The trip will take approximately 39 days and Travis will make scheduled stops at post offices along the way. New gear, supplies and underwear will be exchanged for autographed postcards from Travis to randomly selected fans. Yes, you heard correctly, Travis will be sending out postcards to fans selected from his Facebook fan page (

Disconnected from technology, Travis has reverted to the old school methods of "snail mail" to communicate with fans throughout his journey.

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