Star Racing Motocross Round 9 Race Report

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New Berlin, NY. (August 13, 2011) - The AMA MX National Series is working it's self into the closing stages, and by visiting the historical Unadilla Valley Sports Center in New York this past weekend another set of accomplishments were at hand for the DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha team. Fielding the top finishing Yamaha pilots, #35 Kyle Cunningham, #387 Gareth Swanepoel, #533 Gannon Audette, and #76 Kyle Partridge, the team felt content that some good would come of our effort.

Shining on this day would be Cunningham, after some time off where he trained feverishly, the determined youngster was head strong and choose to tackle this race. In moto one, Cunningham started off in less than stellar territory, sitting just inside the top fifteen. Very sufficiently, the #35 machine maintained the pace he needed throughout moto's end and came away with a 8th. Changing his ways, a start of 3rd for Cunningham in moto two had him running with the leaders for more than a few laps. As the race progressed, Cunningham used his patented formula, by digging deep and putting down solid laps, this helped him steadily challenge for the podium. Cunningham's strong will paid off, because the ever evolving rider took 4th yet again in the moto and a well deserved 4th overall on the day.

Next on the list was Swanepoel, who once again put together a solid, and consistent day which boosted him close to having a shot of acquiring the 5th position in overall points. Moto one for Swanepoel began with a 2nd place start, from there without hesitation he took a hold of the 1st position for two laps. Never the one to give up on a great opportunity, Swanepoel held 2nd late into the 30 min. +2 lap race, in the end he was able capitalize and landed in 4th. A 40th place start in moto two due to a crash would be a huge hurdle to Swanepoel and his pursuit. In the opening five laps, the likeable rider bounced back to 24th, turning his outing more positive with some great moves brought him back to 20th and in the thick of several battles. As the moto drew to a close, Swanepoel kept steady, not chancing throwing away any points and went on to finish 16th.

Seeing better days would be Audette, after a tough ride in moto one that he started in 19th, and then proceeded on a soldiering act that took him to a finish of 15th Moto two for Audette began with an 14th place start, most of his time was spent shuffling around throughout the race without any good returns. Never the less, he came away with a 14th place to add to his tally.

Moto 1 Moto 2 = Overall Finish

Kyle Cunningham 8th 4th = 4th
Gareth Swanepoel 4th 16th = 8th
Gannon Audette 15th 14th = 14th

Also making the big show again, was Kyle Partridge our 450F pilot who put two steady moto's together going 28-38 for 34th overall.

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