Soule' Returns to the Podium at Indianapolis EnduroCross

Soule' Press Release

Irvine, Calif. (August 29, 2011) - Justin Soule' and the Monster Energy Kawasaki team kicked off the Indianapolis Moto GP weekend with a podium finish in the AMA EnduroCross series at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis, Ind. Soule' took the long road to the podium, qualifying for the main event through the semi-final, and finishing in third place. Teammate Taylor Robert grabbed second in his heat race to transfer into the main event where he finished in 10th. Now three rounds into the EnduroCross season, Soule' moves into fourth and Robert advances into ninth in the points standings.


Back on Track**
Soule' had one thing on his mind as he got ready to race in Indianapolis, and that was to be more aggressive on the track. In EnduroCross, the tracks are tight and the riders have to fight for every inch. Soule's renewed aggressiveness paid off when he made a late-race pass to secure his second podium of the season.

"I'm glad to be back up on the box," said Soule'. "I've been training to win and I'm trying as hard as I can out there, but there are a lot of amazing riders. I worked hard to get on the podium tonight. I wouldn't say anything I did was dirty, but I rode aggressive. I charged going into lines and I didn't have to hit anyone. It's always nice when you can race clean because you know you'll have to race those guys again at the next event. At the last round I was really gun-shy and getting pushed around during the race. So this morning I met with the team and let them know I was going to be more aggressive on the track. I stuck to my plan during the race and it worked. You don't want to take people out, but you have to be aggressive."

Fight On
In his rookie EnduroCross season, Robert has now made two main events in the first three races. He started off the night well, grabbing second in his heat to advance straight to the main event. However, his good fortune didn't carry into the main event as he went down a couple times and had to put his chain back on. The early setbacks made for a long race, but Robert continued pushing to finish in the top-10.

"This EnduroCross season has been a little rough for me," said Robert. "But this is my first year so it's almost expected. X Games was the first EnduroCross main event I have ever made in my career, and I'm just trying to build from that. Tonight I got second in my heat and transferred to the main, so I felt good about that. In the main I got tangled with somebody on the start, and then I went down on my own on the second lap. On the third lap my chain came off and that set me way back. I just kept riding hard, got around one guy and then finished side-by-side with the next racer who barely got me by a wheel. My KX(tm)250F is running good, but I just need to keep building my endurance and speed. I feel like I'm almost there."

Late Race Pass
One of the most exciting moments of the night happened when Soule' was stalking the rider in third, slowly closing the gap, and with one lap to go he made a strong block pass between two rock sections to put his Kawasaki KX250F on the podium.

"There were only a few places to pass on the track," said Soule'. "There was a lot of track that was one-lined, where you were forced to follow the guy in front of you. Between the rock sections there was one of those places where you could dive in and shut off someone else's line and I saw the opportunity and made it happen."

Headed to the Golden State
In three weeks, the Monster Energy Kawasaki team heads to Ontario, Calif. for the next round of the EnduroCross series. Only one point behind third in the overall points standings, Soule' will be charging harder than ever to get back on the box. Looking to further improve upon his rookie season, Robert is determined to continue his climb up the leaderboard. Destry Abbott will also be meeting back up with the team in Ontario to continue his third race series of the season.

AMA Geico Powersports EnduroCross Series
Pepsi Coliseum - Indianapolis, Ind.
August 26, 2011

EX Pro Race Results
1. Taddy Blazusiak, KTM
2. Mike Brown, KTM
4. Cody Webb, Beta
5. Colton Haaker, KTM
6. Geoff Aaron, Honda
8. Bobby Prochnau, KTM
9. Rory Mead, Yamaha

EX Pro Points Standings
1. Taddy Blazusiak, KTM, 90
2. Mike Brown, KTM, 68
3. Geoff Aaron, Honda, 56
5. Cody Webb, Beta, 52
6. Colton Haaker, KTM, 38
8. Kevin Rookstool, KTM, 25
10. Bobby Prochnau, KTM, 23

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