Promote The Two-Stroke

There is a small and very passionate group of riders who are taking the pre-mix fight to the AMA. They wat to keep the two-stroke alive and at the highest levels of professional racing.

Basically the group over at and a very vocal Mark Slate have been prodding at the AMA to consider amending the current pro regulations to put the two-stroke back in place inside the rules.

So far they have a case as it looks like the two-stroke isn't out of line in the following concerns: cost, safety, and being good for the sport. Personally I'm all in favor of having a two-stroke presence even though some manufacturers aren't so pumped on the idea as they have a lot invested in their current lines of four-strokes. And some have gone as far as to say there will be no more two-strokes, which to me is pretty short-sighted and a very politically correct thing to say.

Want to sign on to the petition and help out the two-stroke? Well click here and help the cause.


Save the Two-Stroke