Pearson Finished 2nd at Lucerne Hare and Hound

_KTM News Release

Lucerne, CA - FMF/KTM rider David Pearson earned 2nd overall at the 8th round of the AMA National Hare and Hound Series.

Pearson had a great start to the race alongside teammate David Kamo and Kendall Norman. Early in the first lap Norman held the lead followed by Pearson and Kamo. Norman and Pearson remained close throughout the race with Pearson about 15 seconds behind through most of the race.

It was on the third loop when Kamo (currently sitting in 3rd) suffered a hard crash that sent him over the bars. Kamo hit his head pretty hard and damaged his bike which forced him to withdrawal from the competition.

When the checkered flag flew, Norman took home the win with Pearson nearby in 2nd place. Pearson now sits 3rd in overall points, eighteen points behind Kamo who is currently 2nd.

Next Race: Round 9 - October 24, 2010 - Lucerne Valley, CA

Overall Results -
1) Kendall Norman
2) David Pearson - KTM
3) Jacob Argubright
4) Quinn Cody
5) Nicholas Burson
6) Bobby Garrison
7) Ryan Kudla
8) Brett Saunders
9) Jeff Truelove
10) Robert Longenecker

Overall Point Standings -
1) Kendall Norman - 209
2) David Kamo - 158
3) David Pearson - 140

4) Jacob Argubright - 125
5) Destry Abbott - 116