Monster Energy Hangtown Motocross Crossover Classic

Every year the Dirt Rider staff heads up to the Hangtown Motocross Classic, this year round two of the AMA Outdoor Motocross Championships. The Dirt Diggers also have a really good amateur program and of course the Monster Energy Crossover Race.

Here is some pretty good helmet cam footage from the top of Daron Rahlves head in both the amateur day races and during the Crossover Event.

Rahlves is a World Champion skier who competes in the event every year, here mixing it up with the field that included snowboarders, cross country runners, snowmobile riders, BMXers, Surfers and even the media, though they hold us for a second gate.

It's a really good time and competitive too.


Daron Rhalves Hangtown Monster Energy Crossover Red Bull