Minimoto Track To Practice Pit Bike SX Obstacles

 Racers in So Cal have certain advantages - good weather, close factory support, plenty of competition…

But this advantage is trickling down to the pit bike racers as Milestone MX park ( got a hold of an early MiniMoto 2009 track layout, and spent last Monday rebuilding their track to match that layout. The design may or may not match the eventual 2009 race track, but Milestone track builders super-sized the obstacles and are anticipating a good turn out of adults sharpening their pitbike skills and dialing in their pint sized bikes.

The track changes came about through popular demand from the adults using the track to prepare for the upcoming MiniMoto Supercross this May 1 in Las Vegas ( No suggestions from kids were incorporated. Ha ha!

So if you're in the So Cal area, or are heading out here, and are planning to race the MiniMoto event, check out the practice track Milestone created just for you. Go out on a Wednesday, and you just may see some of the top pro racers practicing on Milestone's main track prepping for the 2009 AMA Outdoor season.

Oh, and there's still a separate, tame mini bike track for kids who don't want to battle it out with the insane adults.

MiniMoto SX
Minimoto SX
Minimoto SX
Minimoto SX