Jacob Argubright's NHHA Rd 6 Race Report

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The second half of the National Hare and Hound Series kicked off this weekend, I was back home in Lucerne Valley, and it was a Saturday race, so the whole week was dedicated to winning this weekend's race. At this point I needed to step it up and prove that I could really run up front at these things, because I really don't want people to think that I have just gotten lucky this year.

We got to Lucerne on Thursday morning, and it was already really windy. I could tell that it would be a dusty weekend, but after everything we have been through it was sort of a welcomed sight. After Utah, I rushed home to hit the local desert race (which I won), and I was hoping to roll that success into the event this weekend.

Between Thursday and Friday we got a lot of riding in. My friends Donnie Eisenhauer and Ryan Sanders rode with me, and Levi from Off Road Support joined for some fun. We practiced starts, some tight technical stuff, and making passes on Ryan, and I feel like all of it was a good workout for a race the next morning. Late in the afternoon we got to take Destry's son, Cooper, out for a ride and it was impressive to see how good he was on the 250F for a 13 year old!

When I got back, Sarah had gotten there and Ed and Jerry were working on her bike to make sure it was ready for the morning. Megan from Offroad Journal has been hanging with us lately, and it was also fun to spend some time with her and get a quick photo shoot in before dark. I got to bed early and knew that I would need to be on my game come the morning if I wanted to prove my point.

Race Day

The start was at 10 am, but it seemed to come up really quick. It was a narrow line, so I felt like everyone was right on top of me. About 5 minutes before the race started, I got to see Justin Imhof. It was exciting to see that he was back out, and encouraging seeing the progress that he has been making these last few months, but I have to admit that it was nerve racking. He looked good, and we spent a couple minutes talking about what has been happening the last few months. He walked away right as the banner was going up, and it was time to race.

As it dropped I got a first kick start, and I really pulled just about everyone around me. I was third to the bomb, but right alongside Destry and Kurt. I think it was my best start all year, but it felt good to be out there. I got around Destry before we got out of the first tight section and sort of fell in behind Kurt. As it opened up, Kendall Norman passed me wide open off the trail, and it was almost discouraging to see how much faster his bike was then mine.

At this point in the race, we were about 10 miles in and I settled into a good pace just watching the leaders up front. I was able to follow their dust, and see where we were going, and it was a big help to just sort of key off of them and not have to stress. I guess I was able to gap 4th and 5th by a little, because everyone I saw told me I had a big gap, and that was a HUGE relief.

I decided to let those two run their race, and just sort of keep them in sight in case something would happen to either of them. Loop two was going to be the technical stuff, and I knew that I would have the best chance of making up time out in the rocks. Into the pits they told me that I was about 30 seconds down and that those two were right on top of one another.

About 10 miles into loop two, I could tell that Kendall was now in the lead. Kurt was ahead and I could tell that I was slowly catching him. I followed for about 5 miles, and had a lot of fun watching him ride the trails that I have been racing for the last 5 years or so. I really learned a bit about how he attacks each obstacle and was able to make up some time by reading off of his moves. After check 6 he pulled off the trail and waved me by. I wasn't sure at the time, but I guess he had gone down in a cactus and had to stop to deal with the consequences.

Knowing that I was in second at this point my whole game plan began to shift. I knew that Kendall was up front and very good out in Lucerne. I felt like my only option was to push it as hard as I could, and maybe force him to make a mistake if I could get close enough. It worked for a while, and I really started to close the gap. At one point I could see him exiting a turn as I was coming in right behind him. My guess is that we were within 5 seconds of one another, but he really rode a great race.

No matter how hard I pushed, he held it open just as long. At the last downhill, my dad and a bunch of the Honda guys were there to cheer us on. I know that they were stoked that Kendall was out front, but they still took the time to tell me that I too had a big enough gap over third. With camp in sight, about 3 miles out, I put it in cruise mode and finished the race second overall, about a minute ahead of Kurt.

This one was really special for me. It was the best I have ever done at a local national, and although it was my second time at runner up this year, it was great to share it with the District 37 crowd. Kendall, me, and Kurt all got our starts here in District 37, so it was exciting to have a National podium with all three of us at once. It has to be the first time in years that all three riders were from D37.

Everything seemed to work perfect today. Ed did a great job on the bike prep, and he and Jerry did a great job getting me in and out of the pits. The support at the Off Road Support pits was great, and even cooper was cheering me on as I came through (even though I was ahead of his dad!)

I couldn't have made it to the podium for the third time this year if it wasn't for my sponsors. Thanks to Kawasaki of Simi Valley, Off Road Support, Answer Racing, UFO Plastics, Jett Boots, Scotts, Dunlop, Rekluse, Dirt Digits, Omega, BRP, TBT Racing, Kal-Gard, Pro Moto Billet, Fastway Performance, IMS, FMF, Photos by Grumpy, and Brian Elliot at Allianceoffroad.com

This week I am leaving for St. Croix to support my trainer, Jason Johnson as he does a Triathlon event. I am pretty excited as it is my first trip to the Carribean, but more importantly I want to be there to support him as he has done the same for me all year. Ed is coming with me, and it is going to be nice to be on the island bonding with my mechanic in a place other then the desert! We will be back just in time to head to Reno where I hope to get another NHHA podium!

Thanks again for all of the support, and in case you haven't heard, they announced that the X Games will feature Endurocross this year and I WAS INVITED!!!! More details to follow....

See you in the Desert!

Jacob argubright, vikings, nhha, round 6, nhha, race report, national hare and hound series, dirt rider magazine, news release, press release
Jacob argubright, vikings, nhha, round 6, nhha, race report, national hare and hound series, dirt rider magazine, news release, press release
Jacob argubright, vikings, nhha, round 6, nhha, race report, national hare and hound series, dirt rider magazine, news release, press release
Jacob argubright, vikings, nhha, round 6, nhha, race report, national hare and hound series, dirt rider magazine, news release, press release