IMS 408MX SPRINT Challenge

_IMS 408MX SPRINT News Release

IMS and 408MX officially want to invite you to the 1st Annual SPRINT challenge on Saturday, August 6th 2011. The SPRINT challenge will run during the 4th round of the 408MX Summer Series and in conjunction with the Santa Clara County Fair. Regular amateur classes and schedule are listed below. All amateurs are welcome to come participate as well as witness what is sure to be some of the best Pro racing Nor-Cal has ever seen!

SPRINT Details
The IMS SPRINT halftime event will feature the top pros in an open bike format battling it out in a 1.5 lap sprint to the checkered flag. The top 16 pros from the first moto will qualify to race the IMS SPINT Challenge. The SPRINT Challenge will feature bracket style racing with the winner of each sprint advancing to the next round. Racing brackets will be chosen at random and an online audience will have the opportunity to sponsor a given rider the week before the event... all bids will begin at $25 and the combined sponsorship purse will be split between the rider and their highest biding sponsor.

Please stay tuned for the link to this online website and the Pro rider pre entry list.

Regular Pro Motos - 150% pro payback.

  • First pro moto is qualifying to get into the SPRINT race.

SPRINT Race: $5K pro purse
1. $2,000
2. $1,000
3. $750
4. $500
5. $400
6. $300

Online Sponsor Purse: Total Amount - $TBD
The online action will feature all confirmed riders the week before the event. Riders will be auctioned off and the total online purse will be split between the winning SPRINT rider and their highest bidder. You now have an opportunity to partner with your favorite rider and share in the racing excitement.

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