Freestyle Motocross gets even crazier!

If the rest of the world were progressing as quickly as freestyle motocross, we'd all be flying around in jet packs right now. The curve in FMX competition today is ridiculous, and the bar is constantly being raised to even scarier new heights.

Of these heights, the latest scary standard has been set by French FMXers Charles and Thomas Pages, who posted a video on their website last week of them landing--get this--front flips. The boys' latest trick was completed to dirt by each of them on a gap that was rumored to be larger than 60'. In case you haven't noticed, that's CRAZY! What's more, the brothers each pulled the trick on their FMX bikes, meaning that they could possibly throw these in full-on competition.

Check out the online video at What is the world coming to?!

Pages brothers, front flip