Free CRF 450 Pipes

In our web test of the Honda CRF450 exhaust systems we mentioned that we would be giving them away. usually this promotes a flood of e-mail responses but this time it didn't. Maybe our e-mail shut down or maybe there are just not that many guys with bent up systems yet, but for whatever reason we still have a lot left over.

Guess what? Were getting rid of them. So now were expanding our call out for how you can be part of this Christmas cheer. If you have a 2009 CRF 450R and would like one of our pipes, think of a good creative way to earn it and e-mail us at with the words 2009 CRF Pipe Roundup in the subject line. You have to promise to send in some photos of you and your bike with the new pipe on it plus you have to write us a report on how you felt it worked on your bike. Sending in a photo of you and your bike with the first request might be helpful to show you have a 2009 CRF and being creative with your idea of why you deserve it would be helpful.

Need some hints, go volunteer at a trail work day or write a letter to your local elected officials telling them how important responsible off-road riding is to you and your friends and family. Join an off-road land use group or do something positive for off-road and motocross riders everywhere. Impress us.

Yes, it is a pretty easy way to get your hands on a $500-$1000 pipe. And being quick might help too...


2009 Honda CRF 450 pipe comparison