EPIC Action Video Cam is Searching for Athletes and Teams!

EPIC Action Sports Video Cam's are mini digital video camera's that can quickly mount to any athlete's equipment, including helmets, motorcycles, cars/ trucks, bicycles and more, for point-of-view video and photo capturing.

The EPIC comes with a 2GB SD Card and 2 AAA batteries, giving user "out of the package" ability to shoot 1 hour of nonstop video. Also included are numerous attachments for different mounting options and a waterproof case to keep dirt and water out.

Interested parties can apply for sponsorship through Loopd.com, MXSponsor.com or by submitting a resume directly to EpicCam@NXTagency.com

About EPIC Action Video Cam
Weighing only 2.5 ounces and measuring under three inches, the EPIC Action Video Cam contains everything you need to become a YouTube action hero. Now you can easily broadcast your EPIC adventures for your friends, family... the entire world! You simply set it, shoot it, and share it with our exclusive YouTube Action Upload web link button. No matter your sport, land or sea, the EPIC is available with multiple attachments to easily anchor, strap or mount to capture all the adventure from your point of view. The EPIC Action Video Cam...full digital integration, complete adrenaline renovation.

For more information, please check out http://www.epicstealthcam.com

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