CTR Core Temperature Regulator

CTR News Release

In light of the recent tragedy and loss of Josh Little, now is the time to capitalize and really emphasize the resources EVS and other companies offer in helping to prevent heat related deaths from occurring from here on out. Everyone here at EVS Sports is committed to educating the general public about staying safe - especially during the extreme heat we all have to deal with during the summer months. With the recent release of our all new CTR (Core Temperature Regulator) Cooling Vest, we're overly committed to promoting the number of safety features this product has. The CTR truly is a winning product in reducing core temperature and may very well be the ticket in helping to prevent future heat related tragedies.

**Core Temperature Regulator helps prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion while allowing optimum strength & performance.

+ Constructed of thin, strategically placed layers of "Super Absorbent Polymer"
+ Once saturated with water, polymer retains and slowly disperses to keep you cool
+ Strategic sections will keep your core temperature down longer
+ Helps to maximize your riding session**