Blais Racing Services May Race Report! Patty/ Garrett Win!

Blais Racing Services May Race Report! - News Release

Sugarloafers National Hare & Hound
Jericho, UT
May 21st, 2011

"I had a great ride going with a good start but about half way through the first loop I noticed my clutch was slipping a lot and I had to back it down to get to the pits. I made it to the pits and my team swapped out my clutch and got me back on track to finish the race."

**May 29th, 2011
Ridgecrest, CA
100's MC Night Race

**"Last weekend was the 100's MC National Hare Scrambles and 4th annual Night Team Race. After racing the National Hare Scramble in the morning and placing 2nd 250 A I knew the course was going to be very rough, as it was the same course for 6 different races. My friend Quinton Bowen and I teamed up for the night race and he started on the second row. He was able to get the hole shot for the line and by the time he came into the pits he was in 3rd overall just seconds behind 2nd. My first lap I was happy to see that the club changed the course a little, making it a lot more fun. I was able to close the gap a little bit on 2nd place and passed the bike off to Quinton. A few laps later he was able to get around the 2nd overall bike of Erek Kudla and Brad Pace and then we had our sights set on the leaders. We were able to get within about 10 seconds of the lead team of the Eddy brothers but we were never able to get close enough to make any kind of pass. At the end of the race they had put about a minute or two on us but we happily finished 2nd overall and 1st 250 expert. We both had great rides with no mistakes and we were able to better our lap times almost every lap. This was the best both of us had done at a race and it was a really awesome feeling. They had us all up on the podium also and we got to spray champagne which I'd never done before so that was cool. I'd like to thank Blais Racing Services for the awesome pits all day and night, we couldn't have done it without them." **

100's MC Night Team Race
Red Mountain, CA
May 28th

**By: Garrett Severen

Patty Blais and I teamed up once again for another night race, and this time is was the 100's MC Night Team Race in Red Mountain, Ca. It had been windy all day, blowing at least 40mph. Earlier that day, I had raced 80 miles on my bike and now it was time for the night race with Patty on her TRX450R ATV, equipped with a pair of awesome Baja Designs HID lights.

I was going to start this time while Patty would take the next lap. I nearly took the holeshot, but stalled at the end of the bomb run. I was still getting used to the new Rekluse clutch on Patty's quad. I quickly caught up to 2nd place and passed him, and about halfway through the first lap, I had caught up to 1st place on a rocky ridge. The trails, however, were not wide enough to pass. So we came into the pits neck and neck.

I passed off the quad to Patty for our second lap. Patty did great, although she high-centered in the rock section, but quickly got going again. 1st place had about a minute lead on us when she handed the quad back to me. Now I was chasing down 1st place again and as we came into the rock section, I could see our competition. There was 1st place and he was stuck on a boulder, but the trail was only wide enough for one quad and he was blocking my way, so I found a creative line around him and we were now in the lead. Soon after that, maybe I was too excited and I had a mishap and was bucked off and nearly ran over by the quad that I was supposed to be riding on! 2nd place was right behind us, so I was quick to get up and chase down Patty's quad that was rolling away, jumped on it and raced into the pits still in the lead with 2nd place was right behind us! Less than 10 seconds separated us. It went back and forth like this all night long for four hours.

Finally on our 9th lap, I made a pass that stuck for good and after 4 1/2 hours and 11 laps, Patty and I brought her quad in for a 1st place finish!! It was a tough battle all night and there was no time to rest, but it was a lot of fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks to our friends and competitors, Gilbert Davila and David Scarborough for an awesome battle all night long. These guys sure kept us on our toes!

Thanks to all our sponsors: Blais Racing Services, Vector Powersports, Baja Designs, Fasst Co, Teixeira Tech, RTT and Rekluse for all your support!

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Shayla Fulfer takes 2nd Overall Woman Pro on her Blais Racing Services, Rekluse, Kenda, Fastway, No Toil, Race Tech, Eline, KTM 280 XCF-W. Photo by Mark Kariya., bliais racing, dirt rider magazine
Kevin Dejongh, 33rd Overall & 7th 250 Expert on his Blais Racing Services, Rekluse, TLD, Bullet Proof, Fluidyne, RTT, Alpinestars sponsored KTM 250XC. Photo by SG Photo & Design, blais racing, dirt rider magazine
Kevin Dejongh, 2nd overall and 1st 250 Expert. Photo by Matt McGowen. blais racing, dirt rider magazine