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Get inside the head of Fly Racing team riders, and GNCC wunderkinds, Steward and Grant Baylor as they share what they've been up to during the GNCC summer break; what it's like to make the switch from 2-stroke to a 4-stroke; the anticipation of making a pro debut in the XC2 Pro class this Fall, and the superstitions that accompany being an off road racer.

No matter what the subject, these hilarious anecdotes from the Baylor Brothers will have you in stitches as they give you a personal glimpse into the life of two up-and-coming off road racers.

Baylor Brothers Blog Entry #1: Blog One of Many!
Baylor Brothers Blog Entry #2:** Green if I Can't Find Purple

Check back for more Baylor Brothers Blog entries as the Fall GNCC racing season begins again September 12th-13th at

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