AmPro Yamaha Race Report

Rider: Jordan Ashburn 7th Place

This weekend the boys made the short drive south to Salley, SC for round three of the AMA REKLUSE National Enduro Series. The weather conditions could only be described as pristine, as the sun shined all day and sandy soil retained most of the moisture from rain earlier in the week.

AmPro Yamaha's Jordan Ashburn sat on the thirty-eighth row eagerly awaiting his turn to attack the course. When the NEPG official's hand dropped, Jordan was off and the race was on. The first section was a solid mixture of deep sand, tight trees, and muddy ruts. Ashburn tried his best to match the pace of the leaders, who started almost thirty minutes ahead of him, but the course had quickly deteriorated and line selection was difficult. The second section went much better for Jordan as he found himself right on pace with the top five riders. Unfortunately, a couple small mistakes in the third and fourth sections would force Ashburn to play catch up for the rest of the afternoon. By the end of the sixth section the young AmPro rider was just too far off the leader's pace to pull together a top five spot. He finished the race in seventh place.

"Today was pretty difficult," says Ashburn. "I tried my best to stay positive but I really struggled in the tight stuff with the deep sand. Unfortunately for me, that's where some of the other veteran enduro racers really shine. I'm still trying to find my pace and I feel like I'm getting faster every round. The next National Enduro is back in my home state of Tennessee and it's not until April, so I have some time to work on the things I need to improve. I'm really excited to get back into the head-to-head racing with the GNCC series starting next week. My National Enduro Bike is so good that I'm going to ride the same set up for the opening round. The YZ250 should turn some heads on the XC1 line, that's for sure."

Top 10 Overall
1. Cory Buttrick
2. Steward Baylor
3. Mike Lafferty
4. Russell Bobbitt
5. Kailub Russell
6. Thad DuVall
7. Jordan Ashburn
8. Brad Bakken
9. Jesse Groem
10. Shane Hufford