Live Stream Global Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the entire set of first motos will be streaming live (worldwide) on the internet at The second motos are also available via a live audio feed. Worldwide times for internet viewing, based on the 1pm USA (PST) start time are as follows:

USA West Coast Time Zone (Sacramento, CA): 1pm

USA Mountain Time Zone (Denver): 2pm

USA Central Time Zone (Chicago): 3pm

USA East Coast Time Zone (New York): 4pm

Brazil: 5:00pm

United Kingdom (London): 9pm

Europe (Brussels): 10pm

Iraq: 11pm

Afghanistan: 12:30am

East Coast Australia: (Sydney): 4am (Monday)

Japan: 5am (Monday)

West Coast Australia: (Perth): 6am (Monday)

New Zealand: 8am (Monday)