Good Luck / Bad Luck - Letter Rip

My name is Ty Lewis. I'm 13 years old and I have been on this roller-coaster ride of good luck/bad luck.To make a long story short...on the good luck side I have hit a growth spurt and gotten quite tall.Bad luck...I outgrew my new Big Wheel RM 85.Good luck...found a new YZ 125.Bad luck... out grew my gear too!

Good luck...some crazy guy in a Honda Truck with a KTM in the back tossed this gear out of his window somewhere near the Montana - Idaho border. I tried it on and it fit pretty good plus it had some cool Dirt Rider logos on it! (see photo)Bad luck...the gear seems to be cursed...maybe an unlucky number? I crashed 9 times out of 10 motos (true story).Good Luck...I saw that Dirt Rider was giving away some sweet Fly gear for the letter of the month. I am asking that you help me change my luck for the Good! My future luck is in your letter rip!**Ty Lewis

Helena, Montana**

Ty, that's former Executive Editor Jesse Ziegler's old gear and I'd say nine crashes out of ten rides is probably the best luck its had! Your luck, however, continues to waffle - Good luck - you got some free gear. Bad luck - it's not only taken some hard falls, it surely smells pretty ripe after a few motos covering Jesse. Good luck - You have a 125! Bad luck - There's a naked former Dirt Rider editor loose on the streets of Idaho. Good luck - It seems you've met Ziegler to play this little Letter Rip goof. Bad luck - It seems you've met Ziegler. He may seem nice and fun at first, but don't loan him money, trust him with camera equipment, let him ride your 125, or line up next to him on a dead engine start. You might be there to race, he'll be there to play dominos. -Pete Peterson