Cole Seely Interview: Motocross Preparation

Transitioning from Supercross into the Outdoors

You had a get off practicing towards the end of your Supercross season. Have you recovered from that or still healing up?

I’m still healing up; I would say I’m at about 90% though. I’m definitely on the backside of the recovery process. I didn’t have a whole lot of mobility in my neck before but now I don’t even notice it anymore. Every now and then my neck will get tight when I’m riding and I can feel the bone ticking in there sometimes. The doctors told me that the bone just floats in there now and I can hear it tick but once you get over the sound its fine. It’s all good though, I’m just glad I came back for the remaining 3 Supercross races. Its good to get gate time and to keep the nerves settled before we head outside.

Cole Seely, Glen Helen Practice
Cole Seely, Glen Helen PracticePhoto by Max Mandell

Are you doing anything differently this year with your outdoor bike or keeping things similar to last year?

We have a really good base (engine and chassis package) and this year I am full time with KYB. Last year, I was SHOWA part of the year and then KYB just before I got injured towards the end of the season. I am really stoked with the KYB suspension. It is really consistent and easy to fine tune. We have had some really productive test days with it and it’s feeling good.

How is your fitness coming from SX to outdoors? Do you have to step it up heading outdoors?

It’s pretty similar. We build most of our fitness before the Supercross season and it carries through out the year. The best thing for outdoors for me anyways is just being on the bike, putting in a ton of motos, getting used to the speed and the whole aspect of outdoors.

Do you favor Supercross or Outdoors more?

I’ve always favored Supercross more just because I have always felt more talented at it but I have always wanted to be a better outdoor rider and I have always really tried to work hard for that. I try not to favor either one because I have to do both of them regardless, so I just have to crack down harder and put more time into outdoors.

Cole Seely, Glen Helen Practice
Cole Seely, Glen Helen PracticePhoto by Max Mandell

Coming off of Supercross, do the outdoors feel like a completely new season or does it feel like the continuation of the 2016 season?

It’s hard to say. It’s weird because it changes. Last year, I would say it felt like the 2015 season just continued. I think this year since I had my injury and I took some time off it feels like I just hit the reset button and have the opportunity to be back in the points chase. After coming back from my injury I wasn’t in the points chase and I had no chance to even be in the top three. So it has been kind of a reset for me this year.

What is your strategy going into the first few rounds?

I want to up my intensity. The first couple rounds are always hectic so its important to keep your intensity there. And of course I want to get good starts.

Is there anything you are really picky about on your bike? Does anything become pickier going into outdoors?

I’d say I’m pickier when it comes to Supercross and more laid back with outdoors. When I ride Supercross I know exactly what I’m looking for in the bike setup, so when it’s not right I want to fix it. With outdoors I am still experimenting. If the team suggests something to try or change, I am all for it because I feel like I haven’t explored as much in bike set up as I have with Supercross.

Cole Seely, Glen Helen Practice
Cole Seely, Glen Helen PracticePhoto by Max Mandell

Today it is just you and your trainer Jeff Ward out here, no mechanic really, why is that?

My mechanic from Honda, Rich, comes out to the practice track probably 75% of the time. The other days, Wardy and I know how to work on the bike; we’ve done it our whole lives. It’s pretty easy, I set the fork pressure, tire pressure, check the gas, do a bolt check and oil the chain so its pretty low maintenance. At the end of the day I will take the bike back to my mechanic and he will wash it, prep it and make sure it is ready to go for the next day while I go train.

Is there a track you really look forward to racing in the outdoor season?

I really like the opener at Hangtown a lot. I have had some bad luck there but I always feel really fast on that track. Last year, I missed the last five rounds so I’m excited to get back to Washougal. Southwick is back on the schedule this year so that will be fun too!

Cole Seely, Glen Helen Practice
Cole Seely, Glen Helen PracticePhoto by Max Mandell