Chasing the Dream Xtra: Webisode 14 Ryan Dungey Claiming 3rd Supercross Championship | VIDEO

The final webisode that captures all the emotion and celebrations of Dungey's third championship

Chasing the Dream's fourteenth and final webisode of the series is special in the sense that it is the final episode of the series, but it also captures all of the anticipation throughout the day when Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey claimed his third Monster Energy Supercross Championship at MetLife Stadium.

As the anticipation builds throughout the day and Dungey's team prepares for the Main Event, it is the emotion displayed by Dungey's family that also makes this webisode so special.

Supercross is a family-centric sport as most of the athletes that compete at this level have a dedicated team surrounding them, including spouses and parents. Share in the emotion as intimate moments are captured with Dungey's wife Lindsay and his parents Michele and Troy, then watch as the story unfolds and Dungey and the Red Bull KTM team celebrate at the team rig.