BMG Adventure Rally: Rockies Edition 2017 | VIDEO

450 miles in three days on 250cc machines.

The Adventure Rally: Rockies Edition is for, you guessed it, adventure bikes. But each year, more and more dual sports and plated dirt bikes show up to take on the challenge. We decided to do it on two of the smallest street-legal off-roaders out there: a KTM 250 EXC-F and Husqvarna FE 250 (to check out the comparison of the two, click here). If you aren't familiar, the Adventure Rally is a three day competition style group ride where the objective is to gather as many points as possible. To get points, you and the rest of your team (at least two people) navigate to waypoints on a map and snap a photo to prove you were there. There is also a clue book to show you what you are looking for and how many points each waypoint is worth. The closer and easier the location, the lower the point value and the farther/harder, the higher. Unfortunately, we didn't win but putting 450 miles on these stout little bikes was a win in our books.