2019 Hard Enduro Calendar—Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro

Cody Webb’s favorite hard enduro

Hard Enduros and extreme off-road racing have gained in popularity over the past few years, and many of the top factory teams have switched their efforts from the traditional World Enduro format to the many hard enduro races that have cropped up around the world. In fact, Graham Jarvis, the king of extreme racing, will be focusing exclusively on Hard Enduros in 2019.

In 2018, Cody Webb, Mario Roman, Wade Young, and Jarvis stood out as the top extreme off-roaders on the planet, as the four riders combined to win the majority of the extreme racing events last year. The 2019 season should see more of the same, as the extreme calendar kicks off in late January.

Cody Webb
FMF KTM’s Cody Webb has won the Tennessee Knockout for six straight years. Can the Californian make it seven in 2019?Courtesy of Cameron Baird/Red Bull Content Pool

Most of us don't have the means to travel to these events to watch them firsthand, but you can keep up with all the extreme racing action in 2019 right here at dirtrider.com, as we bring you coverage from each round.

Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro
August 16–18, 2019
Trial Training Center, Sequatchie, Tennessee

The Tennessee Knockout (TKO) is Cody Webb’s favorite hard enduro. And rightly so, the FMF KTM rider has won the event for six years straight. “I like the TKO and I’ve ridden it so much that I know what to expect,” Webb said. “For sure, you’re toast by the end of that main event. You have to go full out for the entire race.”

The TKO features three knockout races on Sunday, which narrows the field down to 30 riders for the final 30-minute main event. The terrain at the Trials Training Center features slippery, rocky climbs with lots of hills and creek beds. The Tennessee Knockout is also a cool destination and a great venue for watching off-road racing. Fans are able to hike to some of the best parts of the course, like the infamous waterfall section.

For more information on the Tennessee Knockout, go to tennesseeknockout.com.