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Just like the Prince of Bel Air, here’s a fresh batch of moto goods.

100% Racecraft Cox Goggle: $65 - $75

100% Racecraft Goggle
Racecraft goggles will keep you styling and protected.Photo By Sean Klinger

Just like the knee brace/knee guard debate, in the world of moto optics you have the outrigger/non-outrigger battle. Well, we don't mean to be overly dramatic. It's more like a mild skirmish. The 100% Racecraft goggle is their premier offering and it does have, among other features, outriggers. The point of outriggers on a goggle is to let the goggle sit deeper in the helmet opening by having the goggle strap attach to the protruding outrigger points. Some riders swear by them while others get along just fine without them. Just based on physics, if you have a smaller head and/or flatter face, your face will sit deeper in your helmet and outriggers could help offer a better seal. Either way, these Racecraft goggles will keep you styling and protected.

Fox Legion LT Offroad Gear: $34.95 jersey, $119.95 pant

Fox Legion LT Gear
Added ventilation in both the jersey and pant.Photo By Sean Klinger

We've already tested the Fox Legion Offroad Gear (based on the Fox 360 chassis) and were really impressed. The Legion LT gear is based on the Fox 180 chassis, which is a little more wallet friendly and less feature rich. But, what the LT gear does have is added ventilation in both the jersey and pant. The Jersey does this by way of mesh panels down the sides; the pant has long, zippered thigh vents on the front. There is also a pocket for your essentials and the main chassis of the pant is made of 600D polyester. We are excited to put some time in this gear to see if it's durability is any different than the 180 moto gear, not that we've had any issues with that gear. But if a product says that it's made for off-road riding, we expect it to be a notch above in the durability department.

Fly F2 Carbon Pure Helmet: $329.95

Fly F2 Carbon Helmet
Unique accessories are available to compliment the helmet.Photo By Sean Klinger

We can travel deep into the rabbit hole when it comes to helmets and the different theories on what is safe, necessary, and proper for a motorcycle helmet. But, rather than stirring up all this controversy and debate without a definitive conclusion in site, we'll just talk about Fly's new F2 Carbon Pure Helmet. The shell is carbon fiber and Kevlar and it has a dual-density EPS liner to help with impacts across different energy levels. There is ventilation channels in the EPS with 11 intake and 4 exhaust vents. Some very unique accessories are available to compliment the helmet. First is a carbon fiber intake wing that attaches to the front, under the visor, that is supposed to increase air flow for those crazy hot motos in summer. On the other hand, Fly offers a plug kit that seals off the ventilation channels in the EPS liner for those chilly trail rides or snowbike forays.

Acerbis Fitcross Gear: $58.95 jersey, $120.95

Acerbis Fitcross Gear
www.acerbisusa.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Often, Euro gear can look, well, super Euro. And while the Acerbis Special Edition Fitcross Gear Set follows suit with out-of-the-box color choices and unique patterns, but it is decidedly more Fox-esque than past year’s. We’ve worn this gear a little bit since we got it and we have mixed feelings. Some of us think that the colorway is super cool, and some note so much. And then when it comes down to performance, the jersey is awesome. It is super soft to the skin, has a bit of stretch to it and has a slim, athletic cut. The pant, while being very light on the scale and minimalistic, doesn’t have much in the way of stretch. The thigh area is pretty slim fitting and if you have tree trunks it is a tight fit. But the chassis is very sturdy and we’ll see how well they hold up.

Precision Racing Products Shock and Vibe Handlebar Clamping System: $229-$249

Precision Racing Bar Clamp
www.precision-rp.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

There are a ton of products on the market that are all trying to lessen the vibrations and hits of off-road riding. Some look legit and others are scary. After seeing these Precision Racing clamps on the AMPRO Yamaha bikes we wanted to get a closer look. We haven’t mounted them up yet, but the first thing that we noticed, as you can see, is that you have to run 1 1/8 bars since the clamps slid on the end of the bar to the middle. Secondly, we are not really sure what is inside each clamp that does the damping. But these will be on our YZ450FX soon to see what impact, or lack there off, they make.